One of the most common reasons for contractor license revocation or suspension is failure to submit payments within the appropriate time frame following citations or CSLB arbitration decisions.

To avoid a license suspension, licensees must pay their citations within 15 days of issuance (barring appeal) and arbitration decisions within 30 days. If no payment or appeal has been made before the citation order is final, a Notice of Intent to Suspend is sent. After 30 days of non-compliance with a citation or arbitration decision, the license can be suspended immediately. If the citation or arbitration decisions are not satisfied 90 days following the suspension, CSLB will revoke the contractor license.

Remember: Licensees are required to report a construction-related civil court judgment to CSLB within 90 days of the judgment date. Under Business and Professions Code section 7071.17, failure to do so within 90 days can also suspend a license until that judgment is satisfied or the judgment is appealed.