The following bills, which were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown this summer and go into effect next year, may have an impact on home improvement contracting and the construction industry:

  • Assembly Bill 1091, sponsored by CSLB, requires CSLB notification within 90 days of a Responsible Managing Officer’s or Employee’s disassociation from the license. The bill also enables a 90-day extension in limited circumstances to replace the qualifier for the license.
  • Senate Bill 190 makes technical changes to the mechanic’s lien overhaul legislation passed last year that is to take effect on January 1, 2012.
  • Senate Bill 424 enables a design professional lien to be converted to a mechanic’s lien if the design professional lien expires and remains partially or fully unpaid. The converted lien is recorded and enforced as a mechanic’s lien, except the design professional is not required to provide a preliminary notice to enforce the mechanic’s lien and is done within 30 days of the design professional lien expiring.
  • Senate Bill 221 raises the small claims court jurisdiction from $7500 to $10,000.