1. Construction Law in Los Angeles and General Contractors

    We talk an awful lot about construction law in Los Angeles and the need for an attorney when you run into problems with contractors and such. But the truth of the matter is that construction contractors offer all sorts of specialized services and can ensure the success of your construction projec…Read More

  2. Business Law Attorney in Los Angeles and Business Owners

    In our last post, we discussed the importance of small business owners to receive help from a business law attorney in Los Angeles. We pointed out several reasons why it is a smart choice for business owners to hire a lawyer. We also pointed out that owning a business is a difficult task and the wo…Read More

  3. The Assistance of a Business Lawyer in Los Angeles

    When deciding to open your own business, there will be countless worries and questions. One of the questions small business owners ask is whether or not they need the assistance of a business lawyer in Los Angeles. While you certainly don't need legal help in every step of running your business, co…Read More

  4. Reasons You Need a Construction Lawyer in Los Angeles

    If you are in the construction business, there is a possibility that sooner or later you are going to encounter something that will force you to seek the assistance of a construction lawyer in Los Angeles. And yes, construction lawyers do exist. So when it comes to the construction industry, there …Read More

  5. Public Works Bidding – Registration Required

    Registered contractors who fail to renew by July 1, 2016 but continue working on public works after that date will be subject to late fees and potential penalties. Contractors must be registered with DIR before bidding, being awarded or performing work on public works projects in California. DIR reg…Read More

  6. RMO or RME the R stands for Responsible!

    All state contractor's licenses issued to a company in California require a qualifying individual who has demonstrated his or her knowledge and experience and hold a license. Qualifiers of companies must exercise direct supervision and control of construction operations. If the qualifier is absent a…Read More

  7. Before you withhold payment on a Public Works Project

    The Court in East West Bank v. Rio School District dealt with withholding payments on a public works project. The court dealt with the Prompt Pay Statute Public Contract Code Section 7107. The Court dealt with a contractor who was awarded a $7 million plus contract for the Rio School District. It su…Read More

  8. New Sick Leave Law July 1, 2015

    The new mandatory sick leave policy goes into effect July 1, 2015 requiring that you not only provide sick leave if you do not already but place new posters in employee areas and accrue the sick leave on the employees pay stub. The Labor Board can answer many of your questions. Review this carefully…Read More

  9. Public Works Registration

    From June 20, 2014 all contractors on public works must be registered and furnish certified payroll records to the labor Commissioner until the project is complete. On or after March 1, 2015 the law requires that only registered contractors and subcontractors be listed on bids. On or after April 1, …Read More