1. Almost All LLC License Applications Rejected – Why?

    Since the first of this year, CSLB's Licensing division has processed about three dozen limited liability company (LLC) license applications; to date, five licenses have been issued. This business classification became authorized to hold a California contractor license beginning January 1, 2012. Cau…Read More

  2. RMO or RME – It is Your Responsibility!

    If you are the qualifying member of a construction business, you and your licenses will be held accountable for all activity and any violations committed by other members of the license. As the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO), Responsible Managing Employee (RME), or Qualifying Partner for a contr…Read More

  3. Limited Liability Companies Licensing – What you need to Know

    Limited Liability Company Licensing Begins in Late December Limited liability companies (LLCs) will be able to apply for a CSLB license by January 1, 2012, as required by 2010 state legislation. The passage of Senate Bill 392 authorized CSLB to issue contractor licenses to LLCs. CSLB's licensing and…Read More

  4. Mechanics’ Lien Proof of Service Affidavit Clarified

    Assembly Bill 456 (Chapter 673, amends sections 3084 and 8416 of the Civil Code) clarifies that the proof of service affidavit that must accompany a mechanic's lien filing to validate the lien must show the name of the property owner and the title or capacity in which the person or entity was served…Read More

  5. Requiring Payment of Referral Fees is Prohibited

    No matter what you call it-a referral fee, incentive, inducement, or kick-back, any time a fee is requested or required for referring contracting work, a state law is being violated and you risk having disciplinary action taken against your license. CSLB is aware that referral fees in the disaster r…Read More