Here at Baron Law Group, we talk a lot about business law and construction law, it is pretty deep stuff for a lot of people. Which is why people hire construction lawyers in the first place. Now, with many of our articles being about things that you need to watch for when hiring a contractor and the need for an attorney should something go wrong, we worry you might get the wrong idea about contractors.

There are many really good contractors in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The work many of them do is exceptional and you should hire them if you want, say, an addition built on your home. There may be just about as many reasons to add rooms to your home as there are people who make the choice to do so. Here are several reasons why a home addition done by a qualified contractor might be right for you.

Growing Families

The needs of a family will change over the years, especially if that family is growing. When kids are young, doubling them up in a bedroom isn’t that big of a deal. But as your kids grow older, they will demand privacy and space to themselves. Who wants to share their bedroom with a sibling anyway?

Sometimes, a family grows because mom and dad are expecting, again. The new baby on the way might be unplanned, but to make room for the newest family member, you will need to make a plan. An addition is a perfect solution if moving into a bigger home is just not an option.

You may have a parent or other relative move in with you and your family. And while you are more than happy to welcome them to your home, you know there will be issues with space. This is another reason to add a room or two to your home.

Expand the Kitchen

One of the most popular remodeling projects is the kitchen because it is the heart of the home and the room used most. Older homes were designed for women who did most of the cooking and the eating space was in the dining room, a different room completely.

Modern homes feature eating space in the kitchen. New technology and modern appliances have changed the way we use our kitchen. The kitchen is now the gathering place for the family and the center of entertainment. Modern kitchens are built so two people can cook at once and offer plenty of room for onlookers.

Perhaps you desire a modern kitchen but just don’t have space for your dream kitchen. A home addition is a solution to this problem.

Add a Master Suite

Maybe adding to your existing home isn’t about making space for more family, it could be about personal comfort. More and more parents of kids who have left home are adding a master suite to their houses. You could add a master suite on the first floor of your home that is easily accessible and private or you could build it out on the second floor where it would be near other bedrooms.


Not everybody will readily admit this, but we guess most of you would love to have a game room or a home theater. Lifestyle is very important in home design, you need a place to go where the family can have a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, the majority of older homes don’t come with space that can be used for a game room or a home theater, so you need to have a room added. Just think about all of the great movies your family will enjoy in the home theater or how much fun the family will have shooting pool and playing ping pong in the game room.


A sunroom allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with the protection of being inside. A sunroom is a beautiful space that has much to offer any homeowner.

Big Raise

Perhaps you just landed the job of your dreams or got a huge raise. You make really good money now but love your home and the location and don’t want to move. On the other hand, your home could use some added space. This is a great reason to call a contractor and discuss a home addition.

Just make sure to give us a call if there is a problem.