An employee handbook is a booklet that documents your expectations of employees and what they can expect from the company. In other words, it states legal obligations of the employer and the rights of employees. It also contains important information concerning company procedures and policies and other details about the employee’s workplace.

Creating an employee handbook might seem like an exhausting and complicated task, but having one brings a number of benefits. Your business lawyer from Baron Law Group in Los Angeles offers you some very compelling reasons why your organization should have an employee handbook.

Introduces Employees to the Company

An employee handbook introduces new hires to the corporate culture of a company and how they might best fit in. They also foster a sense of pride and belonging, which goes a long way in helping employees become more productive in a shorter period of time.

Employee handbooks are a great source in communicating with employees about what set the company apart from others, how the company was formed and how new hires can become a part of this culture.

Employee Handbooks Lay Out Expectations

An employee handbook will provide employees with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and serves as a compass for the organization’s procedures and policies. In addition to communicating general responsibilities regarding reporting, timekeeping and safety, an employee handbook will advise new hires how to request time off for vacation and who should be contacted if there is an unscheduled absence.

What to Expect From Leadership

An employee handbook will provide leadership styles and objectives as well as management best practices.

Showcase Benefits

If your company offer several benefits, they should all be stated and detailed in the employee handbook. Whether the company offers vacations, health insurance, paid parental leave or a 401 (k), all of the details and policies should be in the employee handbook. Companies with excellent benefits package land and retain the best and brightest employees, so a company will want to ensure people know what they have to offer.

Helps If a Claim is Made

Sometimes companies face lawsuits from current or former employees. When something like this does happen, one of the most useful documents a company can provide their attorney is a copy of the employee handbook.

They Let Employees Know Where to Go for Help

When an employee has a question concerning any number of topics like reporting a workplace violations or needs workplace-related assistance, an employee handbook will guide them to the right person to talk to. When employee handbooks outline who employees should turn to in a particular situation, they are far more likely to keep their complaints or concerns in-house as opposed to seeking help from an outside source.

Just as important as having an employee handbook is the proper creation of the employee handbook. Baron Law Group deals with labor law issues including the drafting of employee handbooks and procedure and policy manuals. If you are creating an employee manual for your organization, give us a call for professional help.