When deciding to open your own business, there will be countless worries and questions. One of the questions small business owners ask is whether or not they need the assistance of a business lawyer in Los Angeles. While you certainly don’t need legal help in every step of running your business, consulting an attorney about critical decisions will help you in the long run.

As a business owner, you launch your business with anticipation that everything will go smoothly and you will wind up with a very successful endeavor. Unfortunately, this isn’t a utopian society where every business flourishes. The fact is that it is likely you will need the help of an attorney from time to time. Issues arise, mistakes happen and you will need some professional help.

If you aren’t sure if hiring an attorney is right for your business, here are a few reasons that just might change your mind.

Contract Drafting

Anytime you need to negotiate or draft a contract with an employee, supplier or customer, it is critical that you have a lawyer present to help with any conflicts. Problems can, and will, arise from a contract that hasn’t been approved by a lawyer. As a business owner, your job is to run your business, not to learn and remember all the legal rules of contracts. And even if you do know a few things about contracts, if you miss something it could cause you big headaches down the road.

Employee Issues

You will be hard-pressed finding a business who has never has an employee-related issue at one point or another. These problems can cost you money and leave you short-handed. But if you have a lawyer on your side, these issues can be dealt with quickly.

With the help of an attorney, the hiring process, agreements with independent contractors and worker’s compensation issues can be a whole lot easier. After all, the last thing you want is a lawsuit from a contractor or employee.

Selling or Buying a Business

There are a great number of legal implications in the purchase or sale of a business. After all, buying a business is a little more complicated than buying a car. Having an attorney help you sort through a purchasing agreement or other types of contracts can be very helpful. Whether you are selling your business or acquiring a new one, you will want to gain the most value from the deal.

Lawsuit Protection

Bringing an attorney on board can help prevent lawsuits. If you wait until you are already being sued before getting help from an attorney, it could be too little, too late. A good attorney can’t protect you from lawsuits entirely, but they can help get charges reduced and be proactive before a lawsuit even occurs.

While you are aware of the need to retain an attorney for serious issues that arise, you should place some emphasis on the little things that need to be dealt with before they turn into huge headaches. Prevention does not necessarily involve hiring an attorney, but it certainly never hurts to consult with one.