Not every legal matter requires the hiring of an attorney. Going to small claims court or fighting a speeding ticket are two good examples. But there are legal disputes that you will not want to deal without the help of a business lawyer in Los Angeles.

When you go into business for yourself, there are two professionals that you will need: an accountant and an attorney. The reasons you need an accountant are obvious, somebody has to review your numbers, prepare your taxes and set up your accounts. But the reasons to hire an attorney might not be so obvious.

A good business lawyer will provide vital help is most every aspect of your new business. They will help with zoning compliance and trademark advice and you will certainly want them there should someone try to sue you.

Don’t Wait Until it is Too Late

You might consider waiting until something bad happens before seeing the help of an attorney, but that could be a mistake. Far too many business owners put off hiring an attorney until the police are at their door serving them a summons. The time to pair with an attorney is before something bad happens.

You see, once you have been served a summons, it’s too late, you already had to suffer something that was probably unnecessary. And at this point, with court costs and other expenses, it’s going to cost you more than if you already had an attorney.

The judicial system in America is often compared to a Roach Motel, it is all too easy to get into court, but very difficult to get out of court. Heck, nobody likes paying lawyers fees, many of you probably don’t even like dealing with lawyers, but they will keep you out of trouble.

Specialized Attorneys

Back in the day, when you had a sore throat or chest pain, you would see your doctor. But nowadays, doctors are very specialized and you seek the specialist that fits your condition. The same holds true with attorneys. If you want to create a will, there is a lawyer for that and if you want to divorce your husband or wife, there is a lawyer for that. If you are a small business owner, you will want an attorney with a certain set of skills. More specifically, skills in real estate, commercial space, contracts, taxes and intellectual properties. Plus, business lawyers know so much more.

What to Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney some direct questions about their experience, it’s something you should know about. You will want a lawyer that is well-connected, because not every attorney knows everything about every area of law. You will also want an attorney who knows about or has connections who know about your specific business. It even makes sense to ask your attorney if they know somebody who is familiar with your type of business.

Law is Complicated

You bet law is complicated, and we are vetting most of what you have learned about it comes from watching reruns of Law and Order. Even what seems to be a solid case easily won by you can go south at any moment without the help of a well-trained attorney.

Not Having a lawyer Can Cost You More

One drawback of having an attorney is in the cost. Lawyers are expensive, we get that. But what you might not understand is what is at stake when legal matters arise. Like we said earlier, when the sheriff knocks at your door with a summons, you are already starting to lose money.

Lawyers Understand Procedure and Paperwork

No matter how many episodes of Law and Order you have seen nothing can prepare you for what really happens in a courtroom. Do you have any idea what your first words to the judge will be? If you have an attorney, he knows exactly what to say and what to do.

And as far as paperwork is concerned, your attorney has that handled as well.

If you own a business and are in need of an attorney, check out our services and give us a call, we are sure we can help.