1. What is a Preliminary or 20 Day Preliminary Notice?

    The Preliminary or 20 Day Preliminary Notice is a form that is served or given within 20 days of a claimant, other than the Direct Contractor, providing labor or materials to the private works Project.  Civil Code Section 8204 provides: "(a) A preliminary notice shall be given not later than 20 day…Read More

  2. Mechanic’s Liens

    The CSLB says a mechanic's lien is: A "hold" against your property, filed by an unpaid contractor, subcontractor, laborer, or material supplier, and is recorded with the county recorder's office. If unpaid, it allows a foreclosure action, forcing the sale of the property in lieu of compensation. ht…Read More

  3. CSLB New Fee Schedule for 2022

    CSLB Announces New Fee Schedule for 2022 The Contractors State License Board (CSLB), which is funded entirely by license fees, protects consumers and supports the California construction industry by licensing contractors, providing resources for licensees, enforcing contractor laws, and educating co…Read More

  4. Voted top Anaheim Construction Firm

    Voted one of best business - Construction Firm in Anaheim.  Thanks for your confidence. https://legaldirectorate.com/report/business-corporate-attorneys/near_anaheim-orange-county,ca/…Read More

  5. Home Owner’s Rights in Dealing with Unlicensed Contractor

    The Code is clear that if at any time during the course of a construction contract a contractor is unlicensed it has no right to collect for the work performed or materials incorporated into the Project, with only one exception if they were license prior to entry into the contract or performance, ac…Read More

  6. Home Remodel What You Need to Know

    Thinking of remodeling your home, new kitchen, new bath?  Before you sign a contract know what should be in the contract.  Most Home Remodel contractors are not following the required law in drafting their contracts.  The Contract is required under the Business & Professions Code to have nume…Read More

  7. Construction Defects

    The project was going along smoothly but you started to notice things were not quite what you expected.  Issues with electrical or plumbing, new windows leaking when it rains, flooring misaligned and a myriad of other mistakes that should not be made.  What do you do?  Documentation is the key. …Read More

  8. RMO and RME What’s the Difference?

    RMO stands for Responsible Managing Officer and RME stands for Responsible Managing Employee.  In order for a corporation or LLC to be licensed they must have either an RMO or RME.  The RMO or RME are the qualifier of the license and they are responsible for exercising direct supervision and contr…Read More