Home builders always receive a warm welcome wherever they go due to their line of work. In short, home builders are the contractors that transform a dream into a reality. What was once just a plot of land will, over a period of time, become a custom home. This is a very demanding job that requires a great attention to detail. Hiring just an ordinary contractor with no experience building custom homes can lead to trouble. In which case you might wind up calling Baron Law Group, your Orange County construction lawyer.

But in all likelihood, you will hire a great contractor with tons of experience building custom homes and your dream home will be all that you have hoped it would. But maybe you aren’t sure if you want or even need a custom home. You are starting to think that perhaps you can find the ideal home by hiring a real estate agent and searching existing houses on the market. Good luck with that.

While Orange County certainly has its fair share of great houses on the market, it is highly unlikely that you will find the perfect house for you. Here are several reasons why having a custom home built is a great idea.

Built Around Your Budget

Just because you are having a custom home built does not mean it is something that will fracture your bank account. Too many people think that a custom home is not a budget-friendly choice, but this just isn’t the case. In fact, by opting to have a custom home built, you are using your money wisely by choosing the space and amenities you want.

Buying an existing home may mean winding up with a bedroom that you just have no use for or a big yard that you hate dealing with and are forced to hire help. By choosing a custom home, you ensure everything about your home will be put to good use.

Location, Location, Location

You might find the perfect house on the open market only to be severely disappointed in the neighborhood where it is located. When you choose to have a custom home built, you also choose where you want it built.

This means you choose the neighborhood that suits you best, near the schools you want to be and close to your place of work. You don’t have to settle for a home in a place where you really don’t want to be.

A Future-Proof Place to Live

Having a custom home built affords you the opportunity to design a living space that fits your immediate needs while also taking into account what might happen tomorrow. We aren’t just talking about family planning here, there is any number of situations that might arrive that could change the way you live.

Custom Floor Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Life is just so much more enjoyable when you have plenty of family and friends. The ability to comfortably entertain guests at your home can really impact your quality of life. Having a custom home built with plenty of room to entertain is giving you an excellent opportunity to show off your hosting strengths.

Having a huge kitchen with enough room to cook a feast for gathering family on the holidays, an in-ground pool for summer parties and a barbecue pit for tailgate parties at home during football games are all great reasons for having a custom home built.

All the Latest Technology and Gadgets

Right out of the gate, your custom home will be up-to-date with the latest smart appliances, audio systems and home automation. Any home you choose on the open market isn’t likely to be as updated.


Your home should be a reflection of your personality, and this is something very difficult to find in an existing home. One of the best things about having a custom home built is that it doesn’t have to fit a traditional mold. You are the one who gets to choose how it looks and how it is laid out. It will be quite easy to see your personality in your custom home.

If you are having a custom home built, you might want us to take a look at the contract before making such a huge commitment. Give Baron Law Group a call.