If you are in the construction business, there is a possibility that sooner or later you are going to encounter something that will force you to seek the assistance of a construction lawyer in Los Angeles. And yes, construction lawyers do exist. So when it comes to the construction industry, there are many aspects of it when legal involvement is pretty critical including claims, labor issues, OSHA issues, bankruptcy and employment.

As anyone who might be reading this surely knows, the business of construction is complex. Think about it; a single project will typically include several companies existing on various tiers. The payment chain of a construction project is much like trickle-down economics, meaning the entities at the bottom of the chain are at highest risk of non-payment. Because remember, everything flows from the top down.

If something like this does happen, or another injustice has occurred, many construction professionals don’t realize they have options when it comes to hiring an attorney. Construction attorneys exist to help you manage your legal needs. Here are a few reasons you may need the help of a construction attorney.


A construction attorney is knowledgeable about all aspects of construction law. From dispute resolutions to contracts, these professionals understand legal rights and ensure their clients have fair representation.

Construction attorneys understand the laws, the process and the players involved in any construction situation. This cuts down on the amount of time it takes to research a case.


In certain cases, a resolution can be found without the need for litigation. A skilled attorney is often able to provide a solution that satisfies both parties and save their clients money, time and the aggravation of having to go to court. There is never one-size-fits-all when it comes to resolving disputes, but arbitration and mediation are two excellent examples of alternatives to litigation in order to resolve an issue.

Construction jobs are expensive and high-stress jobs that involve a lot of people. From owners to contractors to builders, all these stakeholders work in unison in order to complete a project on budget and in time. Much of the friction that occurs in any process is when scheduling gets thrown off. The high cost of falling behind on a project is one reason lawyers are called.

Delay Disputes

Delays in the completion of the project have a major financial impact on contractors and owners. In some cases, it might be necessary to determine who, if anyone, is at fault and who must be responsible for the added costs.

There are delays that just simply cannot be avoided, in cases of bad weather for example.

Construction Contract

When it’s time to have the lobby of your business renovated, a contract is made with a construction company. And even if you have written up contracts before, it makes perfect sense to have an attorney take a look at it. After all, you want the job done right, on time and without any accidents. Of course, this is never guaranteed which is why the contract needs to be looked over by a professional.