I would highly recommend Ms. Ashley Baron

I would highly recommend Ms. Ashley Baron…I presided in a five and a half week jury trial wherein Ms. Baron was the attorney for the Plaintiff. The trial revolved around the grading of a golf course…The defendant, composed of Chevron Land Development and Arvida, was represented by a large Orange County law firm….The jury after a short deliberation, rendered a verdict for Ms. Baron’s client for almost a million dollars….I was called upon…to award attorneys fees to plaintiff. James Acret, Esq., the author of several books on construction law, testified in support of an award…that Ms. Baron had done an admirable job in trying the case. He also stated the fees billed had been extremely reasonable considering the complexity of the trial and the result obtained. I agreed with Mr. Acret and awarded the plaintiff almost all of its attorney’s fees….I feel Ms. Baron demonstrated the highest level of competence in conducting the trial and feel she is a highly skilled litigator capable of performing complex civil jury and non jury trial work. Ms. Baron demonstrated both good technical and people skills, a rare combination.

Judge James J. Alfano, now retired Orange County Superior Court Judge