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Entering Into A Remodel Contract?

If you are entering into a remodeling contract you need to have an attorney review it prior to signing it. The contract will be for thousands of dollars and call for payments that you should not be making. If you hire an attorney to review it first it might cost you a lot less than if you get burned by a contractor who asks for money that he is not entitled to up front or during the work, leaving you with a partially completed project and no money to finish. Most home remodel contracts that go bad are because the homeowner trusted the Contractor and did not do their due diligence. The first step to a successful remodel is making sure you have a contract that protects you and not the Contractor. Most Contractors have drafted their form contracts to protect themselves and may even be violating the State Contractor's Law regarding remodeling contracts. Don't get burned spend a little money up front to save a lot down the road.