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We are law firm with a strong focus in Construction Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation.

We offer the following service in addition to all construct-related services:

image of a construction site
  • Construction Litigation.
  • Construction Mediation.
  • Corporate or partnership formation.
  • Construction Contract drafting/review.
  • California Contractor’s License Board Interface.
  • Mechanics’ Lien and Stop Notice Services.
  • Consultation regarding Construction Bonding.
  • Interface with cities and counties regarding permits, CUP’s and regulations.
  • Project advice.
  • RMO and RME Agreements.
  • Material Supplier collection.
  • Representing Home Owners on Construction Defect Claims.
  • Construction Arbitration.
  • Private and Public Works Issues.
  • Rights and Duties in Bankruptcy on Projects.
  • Representation of Private Owners.
  • Representation of Prime Contractors.
  • Representation of Subcontractors.
  • Representation of Material Suppliers.
  • Bond Claims and Surety Defense.
  • Representation of Construction Lenders.
  • Commercial Litigation Services.
  • Contract Disputes.
  • Bidding Issues.
  • Collections.

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