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Homeowners, Before Hiring a Contractor Make Sure It Carriers Workers Compensation Insurance

Many homeowners do not check on a contract with the CSLB to determine that they are licensed and that they carry worker's compensation insurance. It's easy to go to the CSLB web site and put in the license number on the contractors card or their name and see if they are licensed and carry workers compensation insurance. Go to: and check them out. Some contractors will show they have no employees and therefore do not need workers compensation insurance. That is fine if they are hiring only licensed subcontractors to perform the work, but if they are bringing their own crew to do work and they have no workers compensation insurance and someone gets injured then the homeowner can potential have liability. Just think if someone falls from the 2nd story or gets electrocuted installing the 220 line for an appliance. The potential liability could be horrendous. If the contractor shows no workers compensation insurance ask for the name and license number of all the subcontractors working on the project and check them out. General Contractor's are always trying to avoid paying for workers compensation to make more profit. Protect yourself with these easy steps.