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You Bid And Got a Contract Don't Sign It Until an Attorney Reviews It

So may contractors call stating they have a problem and are not being paid for the work they did. The first question that we ask is what does the Contract say. Amazingly, most contractors respond: "I don't know." The problem that is most prevalent in the construction industry is that Developers and General Contractors have become very sophisticated when it comes to drafting contracts and make them very one sided in their favor. Most Generals and Subcontractors want the work at the price they quoted so they will sign just about anything that is sent to them, happy to get the job. It is not that expensive to have an attorney review the contract prior to your signing it and while 80% of the time there will probably be no issues and the job will go smoothly those other 20% of the times the contract and its terms come into play. If you made changes to eliminate the favoritism toward the Developer or General you will be happy you spent a few dollars when litigation happens. Clauses such as arbitration and mediation can cost you thousands of extra dollars. Other clauses can force you into working overtime when the owner feels you are moving too slow. Clauses can subject you to penalties if you don't complete on time. It makes sense to know what the bargain is before you sign the contract. Call and we will gladly assist you with suggested changes before you sign on the dotted line.