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We offer you an attorney that has worked on construction projects wielding a shovel and a hammer. Ashley Baron worked as a laborer on construction jobs to put herself through undergraduate and law school and had the blisters and back aches from pounding nails, putting up forms, stomping concrete, hoisting joists, putting up black paper and sweating in sweltering summer heat. That kind of experience is not found in a court room, it is earned the hard way in the school of hard knocks. You get an attorney that understands how hard it is for you to earn your money and will partner with you to protect it.

You get an attorney that will put on her boots, head to a job site and walk in the mud beside you to see why there is a problem with the grade. You get an attorney that knows the reality of a rain delay and that it might take a week for the project to become workable although the contract provision only extends the time for completion by the day it actually rained. You get an attorney that knows that change orders do not get written up on the site and signed before work gets performed. You get an attorney that knows that city inspectors want things changed before they will sign off, even though the plans show it a different way and that if you don't do it the inspector's way the project will get delayed. You get an attorney that knows the original plans will almost always be different than the as-builts. You get insights into the real world of construction seen through the eyes of real world experience. That's why we are the foremost Orange County Construction Law Firm.

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