If you are a California employer you need to have an IIPP! What is an IIPP, it is an Illness, Injury Prevention Plan. Cal/OSHA requires that every employer have such a plan containing 8 parts, Responsibility, Compliance, Communication, Hazard Assessment, Accident/Exposure Investigation, Hazard Correction, Training and Instruction and Record Keeping. If you fail to have such a plan Cal/OSHA can cite your business and the fines can be as high as $7,000. Also if the citation comes as a result of an injury the fines can increase if no IIPP plan was in place. You can go to the California Department of Industrial Relations and they have create an IIPP for your business. https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/etools/09-031/how.htm

For Construction Work T8 CCR Section 1509 and 3203 outlines the IIPP requirements. T8 CCR Section 1509 states in relevant part:

  • “Every employer shall establish, put into place, and maintain an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program” (in accordance with T8 CCR 3203).
  • Every employer shall adopt a written Code of Safe Practices (T8CCR 1938 Appendix A – Plate A-3) which relates to the employer’s operations.

“Supervisory employees shall conduct Toolbox or Tailgate safety meetings, or equivalent, with their crews at least every 10 working days to emphasize safety.”

So make sure you have an IIPP and do the necessary training so if/when an accident happens you can be protected from huge fines.