1. What Happens when the RMO or RME of a Construction Company Dies?

    The short answer is similar to when the RMO or RME disassociates from the corporation the entity has 90 days to obtain a new RMO or RME after the dissociation.  Things are a little more complicated with the death of the RMO or RME. The RMO or RMO or RME has to be replaced within 90 days of his deat…Read More

  2. Do You Need A Construction Expert?

    If you are making a claim for damages in a construction case that involves construction defects or damage resulting from construction defects then you need a construction expert witness to offer evidence and opinions based on scientifically valid reasoning.  Clients often want to act as their own e…Read More

  3. Entering Into A Remodel Contract?

    If you are entering into a remodeling contract you need to have an attorney review it prior to signing it.  The contract will be for thousands of dollars and call for payments that you should not be making.  If you hire an attorney to review it first it might cost you a lot less than if you get bu…Read More

  4. Burned by Solar Contractor? CSLB Offering Help!

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Contractors State License Board (CSLB), the entity charged with protecting consumers and licensing and regulating solar contractors in California, is using $5 million in one-time funding from the California Legislature to provide compensation to consumers that have incurr…Read More

  5. Escalation Clause for Construction Contracts

    Construction Contracts have not typically contained escalation clauses but in the age of Covid they may be a necessity. An Escalation Clause is merely a paragraph in the contract that states in essence, the Contractor is basing the pricing on the current cost of material and labor and because of fac…Read More

  6. Mechanic’s Liens For Work on Condominium Projects

    Mechanic's Liens are a contractor's means of leveraging payment from the person contracting for the work of improvement.  However, what happens when a Contractor is hired by the Home Owners Association and not the individual unit owners?  What property can the contractor file a mechanic's lien aga…Read More

  7. Worried about a Mechanic’s Lien being put on Your Property?

    Many property owners get in disputes with their general contractor near the end of the project.  They believe that their might be multiple mechanic's liens placed on their property by subcontractors of the general or material suppliers to the general or subcontractors.  The only ones the owner has…Read More

  8. What is a Preliminary or 20 Day Preliminary Notice?

    The Preliminary or 20 Day Preliminary Notice is a form that is served or given within 20 days of a claimant, other than the Direct Contractor, providing labor or materials to the private works Project.  Civil Code Section 8204 provides: "(a) A preliminary notice shall be given not later than 20 day…Read More