Businesses often the assistance of subcontractors in large and diversified projects when they don’t have the resources on hand or just need someone with expertise. A small business owner may wish to hire a subcontractor as a way to help keep their costs down. The reality is that subcontractors are at times lower in cost than full-time employees.

Of course, when hiring a subcontractor, there will be contracts that need to be written up and signed. It is a good idea to call Baron Law Group and have a qualified construction lawyer in Los Angeles help. Here are reasons why subcontracting might be right for you.

The Project is Too Large

There where likely be a time when a business needs to take on a project that is rather big, too big for them to do on their own. For example, a small business might be growing at a fast rate and needs to have an addition built of their existing building or, perhaps, they need another building constructed on their property.

Either way, subcontractors might need to be called in to help. Subcontractors are a valuable resource in this type of scenario and can be your additional helping hands on the project. And while your company might be perfectly capable of building the structure you need, you might need help with wiring and other electrical work and need to bring in an expert.


While you could bring in one or two full-time employees to help with a major project, hiring subcontractors might be the most cost-effective choice. And when you hire a subcontractor, you don’t risk hiring an employee with niche experience at a high price.

Get the Job Done Faster

When the word is out you are looking for a subcontractor, the competition gets stiff. You will be choosing a contractor who gives you a low bid and a shorter time completing the project. You could have staff do the work, but they won’t work with a sense of urgency as they aren’t on a timeline. They still work 9 to 5 while a subcontractor will work long days to finish the project by the promised date.

No Commitment

The subcontractor you hire makes a commitment to you until the project is complete, then they move on to something else. Hiring an employee or employees to do a job might bog you down as you feel you need to make a commitment to keep them on as long as possible.

Specialized Knowledge

You might have the need to take on a project that requires a qualified specialist. This is the perfect opportunity to hire a subcontractor. If your company lacks the expert is a particular field, find a subcontractor to help.

Fewer Obligations and Complications

In hiring a subcontractor, you don’t need to worry about offering benefits, sending payroll taxes or reimbursing for mileage. They are quite easy to deal with actually as they are not entitled to the same legal protections as employees.

If subcontractors sound like a solution to your project, call and schedule an appointment with an attorney at Baron Law Group to look over the contract.