Our business law firm provides a full range of services in commercial and business law to a wide range of clients in and outside the construction community. We provide entity formation, including drafting corporate, partnership and joint venture agreements and file with the state. We can also convert your current form of business to a different type of entity.

Our firm will assist your company in a review of all your current contracts, billing invoices, documents in use by your organization and optimize them to protect your legal rights and make sure you are in compliance with all your legal duties. We also provide drafting and review of contracts before your company enters into them.

Our firm will provide your company with support for all their legal questions and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of business strategies, supplying your company with innovative and creative solutions to problems from outside your business. We assist in licensing and compliance issues.

Our firm will assist you in real estate matters, including purchasing, leasing, build outs, easements, government use issues, conditional use permits and real property tax reductions.

Our firm also provides insight and assistance when problems arise and can provide negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation services.

Every business will need legal assistance from time to time, especially in today’s litigious society. As a business owner, you will want an attorney that you can trust.