1. California Supreme Court Rules on Meal and Rest Periods

    California employers got an unexpected gift from the California Supreme Court today when it ruled on Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court Case number S166350. In this labor case the Court ruled, affirming the Appellate Court, that while employers have a duty to provide workers with meal and re…Read More

  2. Almost All LLC License Applications Rejected – Why?

    Since the first of this year, CSLB's Licensing division has processed about three dozen limited liability company (LLC) license applications; to date, five licenses have been issued. This business classification became authorized to hold a California contractor license beginning January 1, 2012. Cau…Read More

  3. RMO or RME – It is Your Responsibility!

    If you are the qualifying member of a construction business, you and your licenses will be held accountable for all activity and any violations committed by other members of the license. As the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO), Responsible Managing Employee (RME), or Qualifying Partner for a contr…Read More