1. Home Remodel What You Need to Know

    Thinking of remodeling your home, new kitchen, new bath?  Before you sign a contract know what should be in the contract.  Most Home Remodel contractors are not following the required law in drafting their contracts.  The Contract is required under the Business & Professions Code to have nume…Read More

  2. Construction Defects

    The project was going along smoothly but you started to notice things were not quite what you expected.  Issues with electrical or plumbing, new windows leaking when it rains, flooring misaligned and a myriad of other mistakes that should not be made.  What do you do?  Documentation is the key. …Read More

  3. RMO and RME What’s the Difference?

    RMO stands for Responsible Managing Officer and RME stands for Responsible Managing Employee.  In order for a corporation or LLC to be licensed they must have either an RMO or RME.  The RMO or RME are the qualifier of the license and they are responsible for exercising direct supervision and contr…Read More

  4. Deposits on Home Improvement Contracts

      You want to enter into a Home Improvement Contract with a client but don’t really like risking your own money to purchase materials.  What can you do?  You can request a downpayment but the downpayment is limited to $1,000 or 10% of the contract price whichever is less.  But the Code Sec…Read More

  5. Hire a Subcontractor and Call a Construction Lawyer Orange County

    Businesses often the assistance of subcontractors in large and diversified projects when they don't have the resources on hand or just need someone with expertise. A small business owner may wish to hire a subcontractor as a way to help keep their costs down. The reality is that subcontractors are a…Read More

  6. Reasons You Need a Construction Lawyer in Orange County

    There are good reasons why construction lawyers in Los Angeles exist. When it comes to the construction industry, there are many areas in which you see a significant amount of legal involvement like labor issues, claims and even bankruptcy. There are also issues like disputes with contracts. As anyb…Read More